Rev Ray’s November 6, 2021 Devotion
November 6, 2021, 11:04 AM

“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving....” Psalm 100:4

Gates are a part of our life. Some are easy to enter with thanksgiving, but some are not. I loved the gate that led to Aunt Clara’s house. It was attached to a post at a large tree on one side and hooked by a chain over a nail on a post at the other side. It opened the smile on a little boy's face.

Prison gates do not give a feeling of thankfulness to the prisoners until they are exiting through them. Many live in their own self-made prisons until the truth makes them free.

When Nehemiah rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem he started and ended the construction with the Sheep Gate. Sacrificial sheep were brought through this gate. Jesus came through the gate of Jerusalem to be the Sacrificial Lamb for all of us. He entered that gate with praise to his Father; How do we enter the doors of our churches?

A lame man sat by the Beautiful Gate most of his life while begging for some help. He watched others pass through it into the Temple, but he could not go. Then Peter and John offered him Christ. He went through the gate leaping and praising. There is no one who needs to sit outside the gate of Christianity; it is open for anyone who wants to enter in.

There are twelve gates of Heaven: each one a single pearl. The number twelve signifies the people of God. All the people who trust Christ have a way to enter. A single pearl the size of such a large gate is an attempt to explain Heaven’s majesty in human terms. It is greater than anything that we can imagine. Those beautiful gates are the gates of our new home in Heaven. We cannot begin to imagine the sights of the city inside them.

I have an idea that the prodigal son entered his father’s gate with thanksgiving. He was home at last. It is who the gate belongs to, and where they open to that makes them precious.

“Oh, the joys of that glad meeting
With the saints who for us wait!
What a blessed, happy meeting
Just inside the Eastern Gate!”

Grace and Peace, Rev Ray

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